We are here to equip, inspire and transform the way you live, work, and lead.

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We live at perhaps the most critical point in human history.

Unprecedented disruption is the new normal. Today’s leaders, teams, and communities face challenges and opportunities unlike anything they’ve seen before.

The systems we have relied on for centuries are breaking down at an accelerating rate. At the same time, inspiring new possibilities seem closer than ever.

The future is uncertain. The outcomes are not guaranteed. And it’s up to us to steer the process.

The Emerging Leaders Project is an experiential inquiry into the intersection of personal transformation, collaborative leadership, and social innovation.

We are committed to doing the heroic work of transforming self and society, in service of building a more beautiful world that works for all.

Our driving question is:

What must we do, and who must we be, to respond adequately to this unprecedented moment in human history?

We enthusiastically invite you to join us as we live into the answers, and the questions, together.


We provide the tools, skills and support for emerging leaders to 
transform unprecedented disruption into unprecedented opportunity.

Individual coaching


Clarify your purpose, achieve your goals, improve your relationships, and become a more effective leader.



Equip your team with the adaptive leadership skills to drive revenue, culture, and impact in a rapidly changing world.

CommunitY OF practice


Connect with our international, intergenerational community to explore the intersection of inner work and outer impact.


Emerging Leaders often act in isolation, unaware they are part of a broader movement. And mainstream media tends to ignore, dismiss, or suppress these new forms of individual and cultural expression.

We share stories and resources to illuminate examples of what’s possible, raise awareness of the larger movement we are a part of, and support your development as an Emerging Leader.



Chelsea Simpson


Chelsea is an educator, facilitator, and coach with more than 10 years experience at the intersection of transformational leadership, innovation, somatics, and diversity and inclusion. Chelsea has worked internationally, in English and Spanish, with a wide range of organizations, including Microsoft, the Smithsonian Institute, the NYC Mayor’s Office, the Centre for Social Innovation, Bloomberg Industries, Make the Road NY, and various organizations in El Salvador & Central America. Her TEDx talk, America Emerges, covers inside-out modern leadership. She is a certified Emotional Intelligence coach, mediator, teaching artist, and doula She is based in NYC, and is also adjunct faculty in the Strategic Design & Management program at the New School. 


Michael Stern


Michael Stern brings over 10 years of experience in human and organizational development with a focus on the intersection of wisdom, leadership and innovation. As a coach, trainer, and consultant, Michael has served clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Nordea, the University of Virginia, and Good Shepherd services. He has also organized workshops and community events with globally recognized thought leaders such as Frederic Laloux, Charles Eisenstein, and Thomas Hübl. He has received certification as a meta-coach with the Goleman Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification program, a 9Levels consultant, Holacracy Practitioner, and Hatha Yoga instructor. Born and raised in New York City, Michael has lived in Spain, Thailand, and Nepal, and currently lives in Portland, Maine.


Cierra King


Cierra is a Senior at Parsons School of Design studying Design Technology. Her creative practice focuses around projection mapping, animation and interactive immersive installations. The themes throughout her art surround her own black experience generally paying homage to institutions who made her who she is. Outside of art she is deeply involved in supporting her community as she works and volunteers with Black Girls Code and supports bringing awareness to plant based living in urban communities. When Cierra isn’t hard at work she enjoys sitting in the sun, as it is her favorite form of meditation.

Ace Chang


Ace Chang is an artist and designer at Parsons working in Strategic Design and Management. They enjoy thoughtful conversations and working in creative teams. One of their greatest interests is to listen and support the authentic versions of people around them. They value the mistakes as well as practicing empathy. Most recently, they’ve been connecting skateboarding to life. “Skateboarding teaches you how to take a fall properly” – Bam Margera.



Riley Elske


Riley is a student at The New School, entering her Junior year as a Strategic Design and Management major at Parsons School of Design. Riley hopes to center her creative focus in the interest of creative directing and is excited for how Parsons and the Emerging Leaders Program will continue educating and preparing her for the world of business and design. Riley also enjoys dancing, painting, and graphic design to further her artistic vocabulary. She is currently working as an intern for the Emerging Leaders Program, which acknowledges real world events to serve a design purpose for others interested in making a change. 

Esther Seo


Esther Seo is a Strategic Design & Management student at Parsons School of Design. She was born and raised in a Korean household in Brazil, but studied in an American international school since First Grade. Esther’s parents are in the clothing business, therefore she was able to gain experience and familiarize herself in the industry, build relationships, and develop research skills.